1. this is all i hear when i close my ears to everything else

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  3. Okay, first of all, I-I don’t sound like that! Who-what is this character? And-and second, what is that thing you’re doing with my shoulders? Yeah, that’s a truly flattering impersonation.

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  4. hello, darkness, my old friend

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    Begin Again is wonderful and lovely and you should all go see it. 


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    Photographs Show A Blurry, Bokeh View Of Tokyo by photographer Takashi Kitajima 

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  7. lazyyogi:

    Love is the transpersonal mood. To love is to blur the line between self and other. It is inherently selfless and, in its purest form, love is the Self. 

    If the mind misattributes love as being restricted to a certain form, be that physical, mental, or circumstantial, then insecurity and selfishness become possible. 

    The reason for the insecurity is fear. All of us intuit love to be our nature but we seek it in confused forms. We are afraid to be “apart” from our nature and so we become capable of doing amazing and atrocious things in order to get what we want. 

    Often the confused forms in which we seek peace, love, and happiness, have to do with our own identity confusion. If you think you are this, then you assume you will be complete and happy when you get that

    You can imagine the way this delusion hijacks many romantic relationships and derails them from the initial fruition of love into pettiness, jealousy, and possessiveness. I know that all too well from my own personal experience.

    All of this is allowed when the illusion of separation goes unexamined. By exploring the falseness of separation, not only does love begin to peek out from behind the curtain but the practice of love is itself a way out of illusion. One such method that I often advocate is tonglen.

    In both Buddhist Tantrayana and Hindu Tantrika Yoga it has long been said: Love is the technology for transforming shit into bliss. 

    Namaste :) Love love love. 

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  8. today has so much potential to be a beautiful day, within and without

    i hope the same for everyone else

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Sol LeWitt - Splotch #22 (2007) - Acrylic on fiberglass


    Sol LeWitt - Splotch #22 (2007) - Acrylic on fiberglass

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  11. And though he never would wave goodbye,
    You could see it written in his eyes

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    ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Illustrated In Minimalist, Vector Art Style by  Jerry Liu

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  15. I have not been able to find any new, good music in months. I give up. I am going back in time now. Classical music, here I come. WHATTTUPPPP


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